Space & You provides you with a powerful
and intuitive management tool

that allows you to easily advertise, manage and monetize your vacant space(s)
all in one platform.

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IllustrationWhat is a

A Spacer is a user offering
one or more spaces to rent
on the Space & You platform.

How does it work for a Spacer ?

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    of your space

    Select the category to which
    your space belongs to.

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    your ad(s) settings

    Configure your rental rates, availability calendar(s),
    cancellation rules, terms of use of your tenants
    and standards of use of your space.

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    A multi-space
    management platform

    Space & You also allows you to rent individual rooms and manage them separately. (shared or privatized)

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    Which activities do you
    authorize within your space(s) ?

    Decide which activities you allow within your space.
    You are free to accept or turn down any reservation request that you receive.

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    Applicable rates and
    rental mode

    Give members the ability to book your space(s) by the hour, by the day or over recurring times slots. Leave the choice of whether or not to privatize your space.

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    Manage your
    booking requests

    Your dashboard allows you to efficiently manage your agenda, your booking requests as well as all types of modifications.

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